The Police – “Flexible Strategies” (b-sides compilation)

With very little fanfare, The Police released an incredible collection of b-sides and rarities, entitled Flexible Strategies.  The lack of press is pretty odd since The Police are arguably one of the most successful bands in rock history. Well, that’s exactly why there’s a New 80’s Music…

Flexible Strategies includes:

‘Dead End Job’ (1978)
‘Landlord’ (1979)
‘Visions Of The Night’ (1979)
‘Friends’ (1980)
‘A Sermon’ (1980)
‘Shambelle’ (1981)
‘Flexible Strategies’ (1981)
‘Low Life’ (1981)
‘Murder By Numbers’ (1983)
‘Truth Hits Everybody’ (Remix) (1983)
‘Someone To Talk To’ (1983)
‘Once Upon A Daydream’ (1983)

“Murder By Numbers” is included because it wasn’t included in the original vinyl edition of Synchronicity, only the cassette and CD versions.